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16 To Live By

16 to Live By is a project that supports young people aged 14 - 19 years in their own lives and communities in taking unified and courageous actions to help others. Scroll down for more information.

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16 To Live By looks like a magazine, but in fact it is a fat beat, a thought pattern, a haircut, a space, a voice, a letter, a vote, an action, a feeling, a gig, a festival, a book, art work, a recipe, a workshop. It comes in to being when it is part of your mind frame and outlook on life. 

This magazine aims to get you asking questions: What is it that makes me tick? What really makes me happy? What makes me feel free and relaxed? Life is too fast and getting faster. In order to learn to slow down, to become the happy master of your own mind and body, we offer tips, support and inspirations. This 16 To Live By magazine, the website and the cards are based on 16 attitudes/guidelines/qualities that we all have and which are universal in nature. 

Copies are available at FDCW office in boxes. Please contact our office.