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Level 2: 16 Guidelines in London

16 Guidelines events
9:30 am 17. Nov 2018 - 5:30 pm 18. Nov 2018


Deepen your understanding of the 16 Guidelines and explore them from different perspectives.

16 Guidelines for a Happy Life (16G) are workshops and tools based on a set of values that aim to encourage positive qualities in your life. They help you to change how you think, how you act, how you relate to others and how you find meaning.

What to expect

This2-day workshop continues on from level 1, exploring the shadow side of theGuidelines that can limit our possibilities of happiness, and how to work withthat.

You willtake part in practical exercises both individually and as a group, that aim to: 

·       Help you to increase youremotional resilience

·       Form better relationships;

·       Develop a greater capacityfor personal insight and reflection

·       Achieve a sense of wellbeing,confidence and purpose

Who is it for?

To attend Level 2 you need to have completed Level 1 and ideally the Building on the Basics (BoB) follow on study sessions to help you apply 16G into your every day life.

If youhaven’t completed Level 1 or BoB please contact you and we can help you find acourse.


Wendy Ridley - Since attending her first meditation course in 1976 Wendy Ridley has been inspired by Buddhism. She was the director of Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds for over 7 years and is on the FDCW board. She worked as a teacher, university lecturer, and education consultant. Wendy is a qualified yoga teacher; a 16G senior facilitator; and has enjoyed many retreats.


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Location information

The Old Courthouse, 43 Renfrew Rd, Lambeth, London SE11 4NA, UK

United Kingdom
Renfrew Road 43