16 Guidelines study kit

Over the period of 30 days, the 16 Guidelines Study Kit provides an opportunity to explore this programme via a range of methodologies that include: audio presentations; guided reflections; journaling; and reflective questioning. Scroll down for more information. The study kit is available now via the FDCW website.

The 16G Study Kit is a set of integrated tools and exercises designed to introduce you to the practice of the 16 Guidelines over the period of one month – whoever you are, wherever you are.

The 16 Guidelines are rooted in the belief that positive change in society starts with the individual. If we can develop our own capacity to be kind and wise, it follows that we will gradually bring happiness and meaning into our life and the lives of others.

The 16G Study Kit contains everything you need to learn about the 16 Guidelines in your own living or work space – either on your own, or with a friend or family member.


What you will gain?

The purpose of this Study Kit is to help you to explore and strengthen your inner positive qualities. By aiming to live by these positive values the more happiness you will generate for yourself and those around you.


What’s in the Study Kit?

Once you purchase your Study Kit will be delivered to your via six emails over the next 30 days. Your first email will include information about how to use the Study Kit, your personal checklist and an introductory animation about the 16 Guidelines.

The following four emails will be sent to you each week. In it you will find links to download the:

  • Study guide outlining the week’s activity
  • Audio presentation giving you an overview of the wisdom theme
  • Four guided reflections to help you gain insights into the guidelines
  • Journal prompts to encourage you to think more deeply about the guidelines


A 16G journal is an important tool for recording any insights, thoughts or challenges that arise during the month, particularly if you are studying the 16 Guidelines on your own. You can either do this online or by using a notebook of some kind.

At the end of the 30 days you will receive a final email with next steps and a completion questionnaire.


How you will learn

To get full benefit of the Study Kit you will need to put aside 2-3 hours per week, about the length of a movie. However, the more time you can give the more you will gain.

The 16 audio reflections form the heart of the Study Kit. Each reflection is twenty minutes long, and it’s important to spread these out throughout the week. We suggest finding a quiet and relaxing space to listen, as it will have a greater impact.


Who is it for?

This Study Kit is the logical next step for anyone who wants to explore more deeply how the 16 Guidelines can enhance their life and bring more happiness to themselves and others.

If you would like to share 16G with others or become a 16G facilitator, the Study Kit also functions as an alternative to BoB (Building on the Basics) course before Level 2.


How to buy it?

The study kit is available to purchase online via the FDCW website.