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When we discover a practice or methods for changing our experience of everyday life for the better, wishing to share that discovery with others is a natural response. We recognize the beneficial effect and think how wonderful it would be to share this with our friends and family. Once you have attended a Level 1 workshop you will have been introduced to the 16G philosophical basis as well as the activities and tools.

You may feel inspired, you may have felt a shift in the way you view life, and be keen to share these experiences with others. At this early point in your 16G experience it’s important for you to understand that the more you devote time to your own study and practice of the 16G, the more effective will be your capacity to explain and share them with others in the future.Thus we recommend that you build up your own daily practice and understanding of 16G through attending and participating in the Level 1, BoB (Building on the Basics) and Level 2, before you consider sharing it with others.

After attending a Level 2 workshop, we have found that the most effective way to share the 16G with family and friends is to:

  • Introduce the guidelines to family and friends with the use of the 16G cards. There are many interesting and enjoyable ways to use the cards, as explained in the Level 1 workshop.
  • Share links to the app, the study kit and the book. As a parent, you may feel especially inspired to share the 16G with your children or teens.
  • The publication for children and young teens: Ready, Set, Happy… is a great place to start.

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