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16 Guidelines: The Basics (English).

Copies available from Wisdom Books (Europe) and the FPMT Foundation Store (North America). For bulk orders of 30 books or more, contact the FDCW office. This edition includes space for notes and a wire-bound spine, so that it will lie open when laid flat, making it much easier to use for reflections. Scroll down for more information.
The 16 Guidelines cards are an excellent complement to any of the 16 Guidelines books. They are not available for sale on the website. Please contact for more information.
Ready Set Happy, published in June 2008, is a collection of songs, poems, plays, games, and scientific experiments for children, families and teachers, based on the 16 Guidelines for a Happy Life. Scroll down for more information.
The 16 Guidelines user manual, 16 Guidelines: The Basics, has been translated into Italian: 16 Attitudini per una vita felice.
Thanks to the efforts of the translators Zandra Mantella and Laura Stucchi; and to the contributions of Luca Ruzzier, Valentina Dolara, Lorenza Dugan, Sara Laudini, Marianna Zoca and M. Luisa Constantino. We also thank all U-WE practitioners in Italy for their support.

16 Attitudini is now on sale at several FPMT centres in Italy. The book is also available at 16 Attitudini training courses run by Valentina Dolara this autumn. We look forward to making 16 Attitudini more widely available shortly. Scroll down for more information in Italian.