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Level 2: Deepen the 16 Guidelines in Lavaur

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24. Jun 2017 - 25. Jun 2017


The 16 Guidelines programme offers practical tools inspired by the Buddhist philosophy for making life better whether your greatest challenges exist at home, work, community or the world beyond.

Participating in a 16 Guidelines Level 2 workshop will help you:
Deepen and broaden your understanding of the 16 Guidelines, including their shadow sides, as well as the methods, tools and practices from 16G Level 1.
Strengthen the implementation of the 16 Guidelines in your everyday life.
Articulate clearly the framework of the Four Wisdom Themes: how we think, act, relate and find meaning in life.
Learn about the scientific research and findings which inform the 16 Guidelines, including the role and validity of mindfulness.
• When? 24th and 25th of June 2017

• Where? Institut Vajrayogini, Lavaur, France
• Facilitator? Marian O'Dwyer, 16 Guidelines senior accredited faculty, assisted by Mabel Odessey and Hilary Mc Michael
• Requirements: in order to do the Level 2 you must have previously completed the entirety of Level 1 and ideally the entirety of the Building on the Basics (BoB) follow-up programme or equivalent. Participants need to attend the whole weekend in order to complete the Level 2, and be eligible to participate in any higher-level training.We are aware that many of you have not had the opportunity to participate in BoB or an equivalent, so we recommend that prior to Level 2 you work through BoB

Facilitator(s): Marian O'Dwyer, Mabel Odessey et Hilary Mc Michael
Contact: To reserve a place or to make a general enquiry please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Location information

LD Les Clauzade, 81500 Marzens, France

81500 Marzens