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The Rhythm of Virtue: triggering virtuous thought with sounds and motions of daily life in North Carolina

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12. Oct 2019 10:00 am - 12:00 pm



Rhythm is everywhere – a ticking clock, turn signals, our footsteps, the heart. What if we could program our own internal playlist to give our days more focus and meaning by keying practice of virtuous thoughts to sounds we hear or rhythmic movements we make throughout the day? Come to learn specific ways to integrate practice in daily life.

What to expect during this workshop?

A personalized introduction to the many resources in The Rhythm of Virtue which they can use to make each day more meaningful and memorable.

 Who is it for?

This workshop is open to anyone aged 16 and up who would like practical tips to redirect their thoughts throughout the day out of autopilot and on to something meaningful.


Denise Flora , Denise has been creating materials and facilitating courses related to 16 Guidelines since 2008 and is the first accredited 16G facilitator resident in the United States. She finds the principles and framework of this method to be the source of many meaningful moments - in quiet reflection alone as well as in heart-felt discussions with family members, community members, and people all across the planet. 

She is an author, music teacher and former engineer, so her home turf includes both the science and art of a meaningful life. For more, search The Rhythm of Virtue, Three Wishes for a Meaningful Life, Ready Set Happy, and

Bookings and cost

The cost of this taster session is $25. To book your place, please  visit

Location information

Cocoon Art Gallery 221, North Salem Street Apex, NC, 27502 USA

United States
North Carolina
27502 Apex
North Salem Street 221