Participate in a 16 Guidelines workshop

If you‘re interested in the 16 Guidelines and would like to explore them in more depth, then please consider attending a 16G workshop.

16 Guidelines workshops are warm, friendly, relaxed and inspiring events designed to give you practical tools, guidance and companionship to support the process of finding lasting happiness and meaning in everyday life.

Each workshop is structured around experiential methodologies that enable you to explore your understanding of yourself, your relationships and the world through a mixture of mindfulness, individual reflection, discussion in pairs, and group activities. This exploration is framed throughout by the 16 Guidelines and the Four Wisdom Themes, and supported by the use of quotations, music, audio-visual material and the arts.

Many people find that simply attending a 16G Level 1 makes a big difference to their life. Others will choose to continue on to BOB (Building on the Basics) and Level 2, which provide a graduated path of study and activities.

All three levels of 16G workshops are suitable for people of all ages, genders, cultures and traditions.

To register for a course near you, check out the online calendar and follow the link provided. You can also join our mailing list to get the latest news and dates. Here you can read some frequently asked questions about workshops.

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