Become a 16G accredited facilitator

Qualified and enthusiastic members of the 16G community are welcome to apply to become a Level 1 facilitator. In order to preserve the integrity of the 16G programme and to ensure that facilitators are fully supported and qualified to deliver the Level 1 workshops, a clear and specific training pathway has been put in place. Visit the training pathway page to learn more about it.

To become an FDCW-accredited facilitator of the 16G Level 1 workshop it is necessary for you to have:

  • attended the 16G Level 1, BoB, Level 2 workshops and Level 3 Training
  • completed the 16G Training Pathway up to and including Level 3
  • successfully participated in an interview with the Level 3 trainer
  • received official confirmation of your accreditation from the FDCW office

Although the Level 3 training is by invitation only, you are welcome to express your interest in attending this training to your Level 2 facilitator.

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Training pathway

Overview of workshops