Accredited Faculty Directory

Marian O'Dwyer - Senior Accredited Faculty

Country of Residence: United Kingdom

Speciality: Leadership, Community, Education

Accredited to facilitate: Level 1,Level 2

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Full Description: The 16 Guidelines workshops provide me the opportunity to share with others, methods and tools for inner and outer development, which will lead to a happier personal life and a more peaceful global community. One of the important aspects of the 16 Guidelines philosophy is how we relate to and interact with others: and how together we can work in community to contribute to building a kinder and wiser world. The benefit and inspiration which I can both offer and receive in facilitating a 16 Guidelines workshop and mentoring participants, is a powerful opportunity to do just that very thing. * MARIAN IS ACCREDITED TO DELIVER LEVEL 3 TRAINING. THIS IS AN INVITE ONLY TRAINING AVAILABLE TO CANDIDATES WHO HAVE COMPLETED THE LEVEL2 TRAINING *