Accredited Faculty Directory

Silvie Walraven

Country of Residence: Netherlands

Speciality: Leadership, Community, Education

Accredited to facilitate: Level 1

Languages: Dutch, English

Full Description: Since the early nineties I’ve been inspired by the Tibetan Buddhist teachings for my personal development and direction in my life. For most people in the West, Buddhism is a foreign, hard to understand religion. However, the principles of the Buddhist teachings are so universally valuable and applicable and as His Holiness the Dalai Lama emphasises again and again, the world is in need of secular values and ethics. This is exactly what the 16G and Universal Education as a whole are offering to the world. They are great tools to make Buddhism-based wisdom available and accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. As a teacher, a mother and a human being, I see it as my mission to spread these universal positive values and inspire people, especially the ones working with children, to let themselves be guided by positive intentions for the world. I do this by offering training courses in Mindfulness for Children, 16G and CCC-inspired programmes for children, 16G L1 training for adults and facilitating Design for Change programmes. Above all, I try to ‘walk the talk’ and embody the UE values and guidelines and in doing so, be a positive role model for the people I interact with.