Accredited Faculty Directory

Mabel Odessey

Country of Residence: France

Speciality: Health and Social Care, Youthwork, Community, Education

Accredited to facilitate: Level 1

Languages: English, French

Full Description: The 16G have grown in me and on me over the past few years. The power and simplicity speak not only to the intellect but also the heart. By using the guidelines in daily situations my outlook and behavior have changed. Situations which were frustrating have become challenges to put into practice the 16Gs. Using the guidelines on a dally or weekly basis I have experienced how they transform my life; creating a more peaceful happier inner world effects all those I encounter. Like a small pebble thrown into a still lake, the ripples spread out over a huge area. Waking up, nuturing compassion, kindness and universal responsibility that is within each human being feels like an immensely worthwhile thing to do. I am a photographer and have always been involved with community photography projects now I am trying to combine photography with the 16G. It gives the photographic work a meaningful context. As my personal practice of the 16Gs develops and grows, my enthusiasm and creativity to find new ways of sharing them with others grows too. I hope to continue to grow into a role model for these guidelines, create programs that can be adapted to schools, nursing homes and other environments where the 16Gs are so needed.