Accredited Faculty Directory

Hilary McMichael

Country of Residence: France

Speciality: Community, Education

Accredited to facilitate: Level 1

Languages: English, French

Full Description: “Let's choose a card each for today's meeting that can help us be aligned and in harmony. These guidelines can give us a direction and some qualities that we can try to bring into our time together. Let's just pause in silence and see what each guideline means for each of us, today, and when we are ready, we can share our thoughts on them.” This is one way I like to use the cards, it is informal and just quickly adds this dimension that calls on one's inner wisdom. The guidelines create a space that can be explored with the heart. I find that they are like having a friend who is inspiring and kind. I really enjoy sharing them because people become aware of their own potential of inner wisdom. It is already there, it just sometimes needs waking up! The facilitating methods are based on experiential learning, which is most often fun and playful and nevertheless deep so we are all learning and creating together. I offer guidance based on mindfulness and self-compassion practices that allow participants to be aware of the present moment and to approach their lives in a kind and understanding way. Those are some aspects of Universal Education and I enjoy being part of it.