Accredited Faculty Directory

Roma Claudius

Country of Residence: United Kingdom

Speciality: Youthwork, Community, Education

Accredited to facilitate: Level 1

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Full Description: I think that most of us, and the world in general, could do with a whole lot more wisdom and compassion buzzing about. For me, the 16G are a simple yet unfathomably profound way of bringing about this heartfelt change. One of the many things I love about the Guidelines is that they are so down to earth: they work at street-level; they are relevant for everyone; they are about being human. I believe that the 16G approach is not about ‘improving’ the self; working with the Guidelines feels more like a gradual unburdening, a letting go of habits of mind that block and distort the light of our natural wisdom and compassion. 16G workshops are inspiring, fun and incredibly helpful. They help you find and focus on what really matters, time and again. Passing on the Guidelines is for me a precious and meaningful opportunity to be of benefit to others, to connect and enjoy life.