Accredited Faculty Directory

Luca Ruzzier

Country of Residence: Germany

Speciality: Leadership, Community, Education

Accredited to facilitate: Level 1

Languages: Italian, Portuguese

Full Description: Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom (UECW) for me is the meeting point between my profession and my spiritual side. The scientific aspect for me is very important, and the UECW, in my opinion, has found the right balance between ethics and education. I have a strong motivation to collaborate with UECW and with people in different environments and of varied cultures, looking for strategies to communicate and to meet each other, trying to find ways to develop education and increase the positive attitudes of the people. I have always dedicated my life in humanitarian works and my willingness is to deepen this challenge. In particular, I wish to apply my experience obtained both theoretically and in the field, across a wider spectrum of social realities, working in multi-cultural and international teams.