Accredited Faculty Directory

Valentina Dolara - Senior Accredited Faculty

Country of Residence: Italy

Speciality: Health and Social Care, Leadership, Youthwork, Community

Accredited to facilitate: Level 1,Level 2

Languages: English, Italian

Full Description: I have done courses in prisons, schools, companies, teaching, training, organizing public events of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. 16G are a simple yet sophisticated tool to develop our fundamental human qualities. They have given depth and reality to my efforts to become a better, more peaceful and loving person. I have seen the effects on the many people I have had the privilege to meet in the various courses and initiatives based on them and I can’t stop finding new ways in which they make our thoughts, words and actions meaningful and hopefully useful for the greatest number of individuals. I think that happiness is a decision we make and it’s a skill we can develop observing what we practice in our daily life. * VALENTINA IS ACCREDITED TO DELIVER LEVEL 3 TRAINING. THIS IS AN INVITE ONLY TRAINING AVAILABLE TO CANDIDATES WHO HAVE COMPLETED THE LEVEL2 TRAINING *