Frequently Asked Questions- 16G workshops

How do I book a workshop? 

Workshops are delivered upon request of a host, so you need to visit the online calendar to find out where the closest workshop to you is taking place and contact the organizers directly. Alternatively you can also host a workshop.

I have read the book and downloaded the app and study kit. Is it still worth attending a workshop? 

Yes, absolutely. Because you have already spent time studying and reflecting on the 16G the Level 1 workshop will likely prove to be even richer and more rewarding for you. The tools, activities and support shared in the workshop will deepen your current understanding and experience of the 16G. In addition you will have the opportunity to develop a personal connection with a 16G facilitator as well as a like-minded group of participants. 

How much does a workshop cost?

16G workshops are held throughout the world and the attendance fee will vary from place to place, depending upon local conditions. Workshops generally offer a concession option and, in accordance with FDCW policy, nobody will be turned away because of a lack of ability to pay.

There is no workshop being offered in my area - what can I do? 

If there is no workshop available in your area, you might like to consider organising one. Can you do this in conjunction with a local organisation or your professional association, or do you have some friends who will support you? To learn more about how to plan and hold a workshop visit host a workshop.

I am quite shy in groups – will I still enjoy a Level 1 workshop? 

The Level 1 is designed to be suitable for everyone, with plenty of space for personal reflection, and there is no pressure on anyone to do anything that is uncomfortable for them. However it is good if you can be open to participating in discussions, in pairs and small groups.

Are the 16G workshops certified by an academic institution?

There are two universities that offer 16G-inspired modules as part of their academic programmes: the University of Toronto in Canada, and the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico in Mexico. It is hoped that additional academic institutions will offer certified 16G modules in the future. FDCW itself does not offer academic certification.

What can I do if I am unable to attend a BoB follow-up? 

BoB is an important next step for anyone who wants to continue along the 16G path. If it is impossible for you to attend a BoB, your Level 1 workshop facilitator will be able to discuss alternative options with you. 

Do I need to read the book 16 Guidelines: The Basics before attending a workshop?

If you're able to do some reading or study of the 16G prior to the workshop that will be useful, but it definitely isn’t necessary. The book will be available for sale during the workshop.