Host a workshop

What is a Host?

A 16G Host is someone, perhaps you, who is motivated to organise a Level 1 workshop to take place in your local area by a) taking care of the practical details and b) identifying and inviting an accredited facilitator to lead the workshop.

Why host a Level 1 Workshop?

Previous Level 1 workshops have been hosted in a wide variety of situations and have often proved to be the catalyst for long-term and deep-seated positive change among the participants. Previous hosts have included:

  • Individuals wishing to introduce the 16G to friends, acquaintances and people in their local community
  • CEOs of commercial businesses wanting to support the wellbeing of their employees and to promote teamwork
  • A school psychologist keen to introduce the 16G to her teaching staff
  • A spiritual community seeking a practical and secular framework and methodologies to offer service to others
  • A volunteer hospice group wanting tools and strategies to use in their activities

The 16 Guidelines initiative has historically developed as a grass roots programme. People like you have made the decision not just to read 16 Guidelines: The Basics and to attend a Level 1 workshop, but to commit themselves to bringing the benefits of the 16G to a wider group of people in their local community or working environment.

Planning a Level1 Workshop

If you feel inspired to explore the possibilities of hosting a Level 1 workshop, FDCW is committed to assisting and supporting you. With this in mind we have created an informative and extensive Hosting Pack, which is designed to provide you with the practical guidance and information you will need, and to answer any questions you may have.

The 6-page Hosting Pack covers the following topics:

  • Key information: workshop structure; next steps after the workshop
  • Practical information: facilitators; venues; practical arrangements; staffing and equipment; fees; workshop budget; pre-workshop planning; FAQs; and more
  • Background information: The history and aims of the 16 Guidelines and more about FDCW and UECW; testimonials from previous participants

To support you in promoting the Level 1, the FDCW office will provide a sample poster suitable for both emailing and printing, and a one-page information sheet about the 16 Guidelines. These will be sent to you as soon as you have a confirmed facilitator who has registered your plans for the Level 1 with the 16G office.

Steps for hosting a Level 1 Workshop

We recommend that you commence the planning process at least 4 months prior to the workshop date

  1. Review the list of FDCW accredited 16G facilitators and see if there is a facilitator working in your area.
  2. Read the Hosting Pack
  3. Realistically ascertain whether you have the motivation, time and energy to commit to organizing a successful workshop.
  4. Analyze what support you can call on: Friends and family? A local club or organization? Work colleagues?
  5. Using the list of FDCW accredited 16G facilitators, contact a facilitator in your area and confirm a date and location for the workshop.
  6. With the support of your facilitator, follow the steps in the hosting pack to plan and organize the workshop.
  7. Join the other participants in enjoying and benefiting from the outcomes of your decision to host a 16G Level 1 workshop!

 If you have any questions please contact the office using the online form, we will be happy to assist you.

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